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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 30, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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recent travel history to liberia. the virus has killed more than 3,000 people across west africa and infect a handful of americans who have traveled to that region. >> this individual left liberia on the 19th of september, arrived in the u.s. on the 20th of september, had no symptoms when departing liberia or entering this country. but for or four or five days later around the 24th of september, began to develop symptoms. on the 26th of september, initially sought care and sunday the 28th of september was admitted to a hospital in texas and placed on isolation. >> reporter: health officials are looking to identify all people who have been in contact with this individual. there is no evidence ebola is spreading in the united states. health officials say people boarding planes in the out break zones are check for
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fever but symptoms can begin up to 21 days after exposure. the virus is only contagious after the symptoms begin, it is spread through close contact with blood or other body fluids. we will continue to stay on top of this story and bring you latest developments. >> still developing, all right, stephanie, thanks. also developing right now health officials confirmed two more new jersey children were diagnosed with entero virus d68. the children living in essex and passaic count writes hospitalized but have been since released. first confirmed case of entero virus d68, also a child from new jersey, was reported on september 17th. officials are awaiting test results to see if a four year-old mercer county student who died last week from a possible rest friday illness had enter o virus d68. there has been a shooting at a gun range in montgomery county. chopper three is over that scene in conshohocken at montgomery county public safety training campus. this is on conshohocken road. chopper three was overhead as
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a person was air lifted from the scene within the past hour. the circumstances surrounding this shooting are unclear and there is in word on the condition of that shooting victim but "eyewitness news" is working the the store i and we will bring you more information as we can. woman is attacked on a popular trail in broad daylight. tonight a suspect is on the loose and residents in the neighborhood are on edge. police say that the woman was assaulted near banks of the wissohickon creek right under the mccallum street bridge. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live at special victims with the very latest now, walt. >> reporter: well, chris, police here at special victims unit say that sexual predator struck at one of philadelphia's most pleasant, most popular spots, trails right along wissohickon creek in chestnut hill and he struck friday at dinner time as the victim was going out for a leisurely walk. along the sparkling waters of the wissohickon in the bright fall sunshine those enjoying the beautiful, peaceful
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network of trails here were shaken to learn that on one of these same trails around 5:30 friday evening, a 51 year-old woman was viciously attacked by a sexual predator. >> it is very sad, shocking. i'm alarmed. >> reporter: police say the attacker after walking past with the friendly greeting suddenly turned throwing her to the ground trying to first rob and rape her choking her and shoving dirt into her mouth to stop her screams for help. >> she was able to break free and run and fine another passerby who had a cell phone. >> reporter: police described the attack eras a black male 6 feet tall, 25 to 30 years old wearing a red polo style shirt and tan pants a. >> thank god for her vigilantes and determination to get away and find somebody and find help. >> just terrible, horrible, to think you cannot come out and have an enjoyable evening, relax, without someone attacking you. >> reporter: to help protect all trail users, friend of the wissohickon, a community group of now sent out an advisory
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cautioning them to use the buddy system, and to be extra alert as the manhunt moves forward. >> so when people are in the park we encourage them not to wear ear buds, so they can hear what is happening around them. >> reporter: police here at the special victims unit are optimistic that within the next 24 hours they will have a composite sketch of the attacker. they plan to distribute that sketch widely especially along the the trails, to keep out the warning and the alert that is on the loose, and hopefully lead to his capture. live from the special victims unit i'm walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a two-year old boy is in critical condition after shooting himself in the head. tonight police want to know how that little boy, got a hold of the gun. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live at police headquarters with the very latest tonight, cleve. >> reporter: good evening, we have been in constant contact with the police headquarters, they say that as of right now, they still don't have a lot of
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the questions answered that they are looking into the the eighth hour of the investigation one thing we know is the boy is still in critical condition. >> i'm praying for him. i hope he makes it. >> reporter: a little boy is clinging to life after police say he found a gun in his home and accidentally shot himself in the head. it happen just after 10:00 a.m. at will valley run apartments in claymont delaware. >> when office's arrived they performed life saving measures and learned that, you know, the two years old and his mom were only ones inside the residents at the time of the shooting. >> reporter: toddler was air lifted to ai du pont hospital for children this wilmington. he was listed in critical condition throughout the day, police collected evidence from the victim's home, but have not released details about the type of gun where the boy found it and if there were any attempts to secure the weapon. next door neighbor bill jennings allowed police conduct part of the investigation in his apartment. boy has loving parents that usually supervised him. >> this could happen to
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anybody with a gun owner and they don't use those guns the way it is supposed to be. >> reporter: jennings admits he played with his grandfather's gun as a boy and worried his kids would do the same when he used to have a firearm. >> because so many kids find their parent's gun and accidents happen, that is why i got rid of my guns. >> reporter: police are not releasing the the name of the child or the parents names. as of right the now they are still reviewing if any charges are in order. live from new castle delaware, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new information in the shooting involving an off-duty police officer in edge water park burlington county. investigators say delanco officer basil warren shot a suspect who tried to steel his truck at his home on stevenson avenue this morning. that suspect is identified as tyshawn fitzpatrick of willingboro. investigators say fit patrick tried to run over officer warren as he fired his weapon in self-defense. in word on fitzpatrick's condition. investigators searching for eric frein found two pipe
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bombs in the woods here capable of causing significant damage. officers continued to search for frein in the woods surrounding the town of candanceas in the poconos as he is wanted in the shooting of two pennsylvania state troopers, one of whom died. >> i'm calling on you, eric, to surrender. you are clearly stressed. you are making significant mistakes. >> reporter: police say that there has been at least one credible sighting of frein in the past 24 hours from about 100-yard away. if you use debit or credit cards to shop at acme you better check your statements. hackers may have your sensitive information. acme's parent company, albertson's has revealed that malwear was installed on their system between late august and early september. stores in 21 states, including the tri-state area have been affect. if you do find something wrong, acme is offering one year of credit protection. well, stay with "eyewitness news", we will continue to follow acne data breach, you can get latest
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anytime on our web site, cbs well, last night's game between the patriots and kansas city chiefs wasn't exactly a nail biter, the chiefs crushed their way to a 41-14 win. >> as "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson tells us the talk isn't necessarily about the game but a touchdown celebration and penalty flag that went with it. >> touchdown, all the way home, kansas city touchdown. >> reporter: chiefs safety and muslim hussein abdula turns an interception into a touchdown during this weeks monday night football. but, he celebrates by sliding into a simulated islamic prayer. the officials called a penalty for excessive celebration they say because of the celebrations that is in the a loud on the ground. but we have seen many players like former quarterback tim tebow take a knee in the pose after a touchdown. >> it is no different than a guy taking a knee doing a sign of the cross, kissing his hand
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looking up to god. >> if everyone else wasn't penalized for the way they do it then he should not be penalized for doing it as a muslim. >> reporter: it is in the nfl rule book rule 12, article three, section one, players are prohibited from any type of celebration, while they are on the ground but traditionally and historically the nfl has made exceptions for religious and now they are saying they should have made one on monday night. tuesday morning the council on american islamic relations asked the nfl to clarify the penalty. it did. nfl spokesperson michael released this statement saying abdul should not have been penalized. officiating mechanic is not to flag a player who to ground for religious reasons. >> we're happy that the nfl clarified the rule so is there no double standard. >> reporter: former college running back, al-maliki says it is a education issue. >> it is something people are not used to. i'm disappointed that the official didn't choose to make the right decision in that
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case. >> reporter: disappointed but al-maliki says he is confident he will get it right n center city, steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, we'd like to correct a story we reported yesterday. we report that had a police supervisor at philadelphia multi cultural academy charter school was fired over allegations that he sexually abused a male student at the the school. according to the school's principal the supervisor's contract was not renewed by the school but the principal says the supervisor was never accused of sexual abuse of any student, in a separation from the school did not have anything to do any allegations of abuse. sources now tell us that the philadelphia police special victims unit has no record of any investigation or charges involving the police supervisor. we apologize for the error. still to come on "eyewitness news". >> helping to make a little girl's dream come true, we will tell you why this hawaiian welcome is just a taste of is what to come for a little girl battling a life threatening illness. kathy? in weather, we are looking at some clouds and some
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showers moving our way with the cold front one of three systems that will be in and out of the area this week and a major cool down for the first week end of october, details coming up with the seven day, hi leslie. hi kathy, eagles welcome back a key player to the struggling offensive line, tackle line johnson back at practice but is he in football shape? we will hear from him coming up in sports.
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tonight at 11:00 it was a massive scam with local ties, millions of dollars taken from victims, including this woman. but when she smelled a rat, she for the back. three on your side's jim donovan has her story tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. we have new information, now in our breaking news, the shooting at a gun range in conshohocken. sources now tell "eyewitness news" that a pennsylvania state trooper accidentally shot himself. that trooper is from the skippack barracks and there is no word on the trooper's condition. chopper three was overhead at the range on conshohocken road as the trooper was air lifted to the hospital. again, we will keep you updated on this story. well, path governor's race is taking center stage here at cbs-3/cw philly studios
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tomorrow morning at 8:00 o'clock. republican incumbent tom corbett and his democratic challenger tom wolf will participate in the second of three debates. "eyewitness news" anchor pat ciarrocchi reports. >> reporter: five weeks to go before election day, democrat tom wolf, york county businessman, unseat republican incumbent governor tom corbett? looking at seven independent polls taking between august 18th and september 24th, wolf is registering 52 percent support, corbett is at 36 percent. an advantage to wolf, of nearly 16 points. the governor took his campaign to pittsburgh where a 28 million-dollar bridge repair project is to begin. >> we said that we would fix the bridges, fix the roads, this year, we have already begun delivering on that promise. >> reporter: promise of education reform headlines the first corbett/wolf debate on september 22nd. >> i don't know of $27 billion is enough. i know if i were doing this i would sit down with the
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educators and say let's fix this and make sure we are delivering fully on this promise. >> reporter: wolf's campaign launched an interactive web site contrasting the candidate vision for education in pennsylvania. corbett has been targeted for cutting a billion dollars from pennsylvania's education budget. at the first debate, the governor defended his reform efforts. >> mr. wolf supporters and public sector union particularly teachers union have have spent millions of dollars putting out the lie that i cut education. i didn't. >> reporter: in the meantime, the the challenger is taking aim. >> i think we he need a fresh start. >> reporter: debate continues, in the morning. pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". indeed, it does. watch breakfast with the candidates tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. on our sister station cbs-3. you can listen in on kyw news radio, cbs will also have a stream for you. if you have a question you'd like to ask of the republican tom corbett or the democrat,
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tom wolf send it to us on twitter using the hash tag cbs philly debate. black friday is many weeks away. >> but retailers are gearing up for holiday season. delaware's cockal delegation is hosting a holiday job fair at this hour. "eyewitness news" at christiana mall. more than 35 employers are conducting interviews there for hundreds of seasonal and full-time staff. the job fare wraps up tonight, at 7:00 o'clock. meantime make a wish is coming through for a delaware girl battling a life threatening disease. >> white stretch limo brought emily and her family to a tropical theme party in wilmington today. eight year-old from middletown suffers from cystic fibrosis is. this is in anticipation of her wishing coming true for a family trip to hawaii. >> very surprised that everyone is doing this for me. >> wonderful little girl. never been on a real big vacation like this. i don't think her family has either. so we are so exited to send her mom, dad, grandmother and
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her. >> very, very exciting. emily says she will stay on the beach all day. they leave for that are dream vacation this weekend. have fun. i wish them perfect weather in hawaii. >> congratulations. >> no one will confuse our weather for hawaii but still wasn't that bad to home lie and rest of us. >> beautiful day. terrific day. temperatures soaring through 07's, some spots 80's. by the time we work our way through weekend it will feel like football weather in time for eagles game. temperatures really taking a plunge. outside still enjoying the the last minutes of daylight down the shore walking the boards, you can look through skies cam three here in ocean city cape may county. never too late to enjoy the boardwalk. our live neighborhood network takes us to the north to the poconos and this is pleasantville i where temperature is 69 degrees. watch out this morning with areas of fog, thick fog, and once the sunburns that off it
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was a pleasant afternoon. you can see fall color in the foreground temperatures quite cool now with some blue skies, wind east/north east at 2 miles an hour. so light wind with clearing skies, will help areas of fog to form again tonight. a mild take today in philadelphia, 79 degrees. the normal high is 73 degrees for this time of the year, last day of september, right now in philadelphia 73. cool in trenton. poconos 66. atlantic city and wildwood check in the 60's. the even doylestown 68, mount holly, home of our local national weather service 69. will he grove is 72. same in northeast philadelphia on storm scan 3a few clouds will be rolling our way tonight we have a frontal boundary moving our way and that is going to give us a chance of a shower for your wednesday. new there is one area of low pressure almost like a train of lows and another area have of lose pressure now through plains moving through with the front on friday. and that will be the one that really changes our weather as far as cool temperatures are
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concerned. for your wednesday a front will be moving through and it will be washing out lose ago lieutenant of the steam or energy during date tomorrow and then it looks like rotation around this low being counter clock wise will pull in some moisture and keeping a few showers around for wednesday afternoon. they will be spotty. once that moves out thursday a bonus day, partly sunny but on the cool side and waiting for this next front to move through friday. the good news is right new friday looks rain free, it looks dry, rain will come in friday night into saturday morning and then the cool down begins. overnight fog will develop late, chance of the spotty shower, le temperatures mainly in the 50's with the exception of philadelphia at 60. dover, and also atlantic city. cool start. by the afternoon 74, seasonal with clouds, some sunshine and chance of the spotty shower. as we begin october, well, that is a higher probability of the first frost up towards poconos late october though, through the philadelphia area as we look to the seven day forecast, thursday 73.
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it will be cool. we are looking at temperatures that will stay in the mid 07's for friday, cooling down over the weekend and monday and tuesday looking will cool as well. we will want to remind everyone we are starting something new here at cbs-3 if you love watching weather we want to you join the team and become a weather watcher signing up now at cbs hey, jessica. >> easy on the roads. >> it actually is, thank you so much. 6:21. we are having a relatively easy a afternoon, safe to say we will look at glass half full and safe to say it is pretty much over. it is one of the worst we could find at schuylkill just at 202 eastbound toward center city. we can see slow going and relatively not even backup. same story out in new jersey out on route 42. we can see mess of the delay southbound toward ac expressway heading north bound we should in problems getting into the city or heading up to 295 as well. a few accidents to talk about
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in fort washington pennsylvania turnpike westbound at fort washington, be aware for small delays there and accident in bear delaware, three left lanes are blocked but we will get through it, stay there theredelaware just like us. fire companies in the state of something went wrong with the new health care law that threatened to shut us all down, and then chris coons got involved. chris did one heck of a job. he got senators in both parties to see that there was a problem. they fixed it, so now volunteer fire companies can stay in service. most guys in washington just want to argue.
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but our chris coons got results. i'm chris coons and i approve this message. it's not easy to get things done in washington, but i'm working hard to find common ground.
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eagles back at practice today getting ready for sunday's home game with the rams, finally some good news for the birds, makeshift offensive line, tackle lane johnson rejoin the team in practice today after serving a four game suspension for a ped violation but the question is, how quickly can he make a impact and is he in football shape when he hasn't played in over a month. >> as far as condition, i don't care what people say only way you get in football shape is in play football. i'm not where i want to be but i will be good enough. >> of course, thursday night, means prime time football, this week we have an nfc north match up with the vikings, traveling to lambeau field to take on the green bay packers, pregame coverage starts at
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7:30 right here on cbs-3. flyers captain claude giroux will return to the ice tonight as teams final home presees than game begins rangers. giroux missed entire preseason due to a lower body injury. what should be our game of the week for friday football frenzy. bristol jenkintown, maple shade at pitman or haddon heights at gateway. log on to our audio road show app and tell us where should we send beasley. >> we love football frenzy. >> so much fun. >> tough one. >> all right leslie thanks. >> we will be right
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on the cw philly, and then we're back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. "cbs evening news" comes your way next. scott pelley reports tonight from new york.
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>> pelley: tonight, breaking news. the first case of ebola has been diagnosed in the u.s. dr. jon lapook has details. bill plante with the understatement of the day: >> it's clear that our security plan was not properly executed. >> pelley: how did an intruder make it all the way to the east room? >> that isn't just getting inside the portico. that's half of a white house tour. >> pelley: vladimir duthiers reports a discovery in the hunt for an accused cop killer makes finding him even more urgent. michigan admits it blew the call, keeping the quarterback in the game after a head injury. michelle miller reports. and chip reid with the photographer in search of wildlife and perfection. >> you have to be ready to push that button because you don't get many second chances.